The season varies slightly every year.

Fish and Wildlife release the exact dates usually in August.

**The dates usually fall in February and March**

Once we know the dates, we fine tune our bookings to make it work for as many of our

sportsmen as possible.

What is and is not included?

What hunts do we offer?

​Licensed, insured and bonded.

When is the season?

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What is the cost?


We offer late season guided goose hunting on private land around the Merril/ Klamath Falls area of Oregon.

How many hunters in a group?

We will take up to five hunters per group.

The same amount of effort and time goes into setting up for one as it does for five.

We do not mix hunters to make up a group.

The cost is $900. per day.

Whether you are a single, or a group of five, the cost stays the same for the day.

It is less money per hunter if you have a group of five.

(ex. 3 hunters = $300/per hunter...5 hunters =$180/per hunter.)

What is:


---pit blinds---

---the guide and his dog- Zeke---

---use of private land---

What is not:

---shotguns and ammo---

---cleaning of game---

----Oregon hunting license and applicable state and federal stamps---

---meals and lodging---